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The Shalom And Lior Show Season 1

Available On Amazon And Vimeo On Demand

Starring Two Brothers Shalom And Lior Kolontarov

Two brothers both Shalom and Lior are roommates.

One is a broke and jobless guy who robs or finds money to keep himself wasted.

The other works as a weather reporter on television.

Both drinking addicts and party clowns.

The Show Is About two brothers that are a live a bachelor life style.

Shalom was living alone in Queens New York

He was having random sex

with girls. Until his brother Lior decided to move in with

and he was not happy about it. Except Lior was making money

somehow but Shalom Did not know how. In 12 episodes they were

living in Queens New York. At 13 Episode moved to Los Angela's

to find out if La is better then New York City. And the both

found it was. Shalom was a reporter but when he moved to California

he was jobless and Lior found a Job so the tables have turned around.

Shalom continued his bachelor life style and did not care if went


The show had 26 female actresses each episode had a different female

actor. And Season 1 Had 25 episodes. It was very funny show to watch

And it got nominated twice at Web Series Festival Global in 2017.

And Is also raked high on IMDb 9.4/10

Will continue the show?

That will remain a mystery But the brothers continue to act in other

Projects after The Shalom And Lior Show. They Jumped on Vunny Vlogs

Season 1 and 26 episodes

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